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[ARTICLE-ITALIAN] Amplificatore Magnetico - Louden 1953.pdf   1,541 K [ARTICLE] Converter Unit for the New FM Band.pdf   325 K [ARTICLE] Mullard 5 Valve 10 Watt Amplifier.pdf   1,811 K [ARTICLE] The Crystal Radio - Evison QST 1997 12.pdf   501 K
[ARTICLE-ITALIAN] Raddrizzatore a Vapore di Cesio - Burger Turrentine 1951.pdf   3,767 K [ARTICLE] Converting Battery Portables to Mains Operation - Dunn.pdf   1,170 K [ARTICLE] New Life for Mains-Battery Portables - French.pdf   1,262 K [ARTICLE] The Story of the Valve - Gardner 1965.pdf   3,048 K
[ARTICLE-ITALIAN] Ricevitori a Modulazione di Frequenza.pdf   7,886 K [ARTICLE] DX Crystal Radio Receiver - Amarose.pdf   611 K [ARTICLE] One Compactron Receiver.pdf   4,496 K [ARTICLE] Tips for Servicing Your Radio.pdf   5,731 K
[ARTICLE] A 3000 Watt Audio Power Amplifier - Bereskin 1955.pdf   160 K [ARTICLE] Economy Measures for All-Dry Receivers - Caborn.pdf   1,459 K [ARTICLE] Power Transformers Design and Rebuilding.pdf   690 K [ARTICLE] Tubes or Transistors - Moe 1959.pdf   870 K
[ARTICLE] Amplified AGC in Communications Receivers - Dance.pdf   648 K [ARTICLE] Engineering Features of the UX-245 - Engel.pdf   351 K [ARTICLE] Pratical Do It Yourself Vacuum Tube Voltmeter.pdf   165 K [ARTICLE] Tubes Within Tubes - Rowe 1926.pdf   545 K
[ARTICLE] An Easily Added S-Meter.pdf   1,005 K [ARTICLE] External Grid Vacuum Valve Construction - Clark 1918.pdf   663 K [ARTICLE] Quality in Audio Amplifiers - Hollister 1933.pdf   312 K [ARTICLE] Using Surplus Meters - Wright.pdf   744 K
[ARTICLE] Automatic Tuning.pdf   15,149 K [ARTICLE] Half Wave and Doubler Power Supply Systems.pdf   1,320 K [ARTICLE] Semiconductor Tests with an Ohmeter - King.pdf   1,141 K [ARTICLE] Vacuum Tubes and Their Uses - Muhleman 1926.pdf   1,223 K
[ARTICLE] Cathode Follower Loudspeaker Coupling - Fletcher Cooke.pdf   620 K [ARTICLE] Modernise That Valve Portable - Rolfe.pdf   1,124 K [ARTICLE] Some Aspects of High Quality Reproduction - Traugott 1927.pdf   288 K [ARTICLE] What Are the Facts About FM_ - Murtfeldt 1940.pdf   3,111 K
[ARTICLE] Conversion of 1.4V Superhet to Low Consumption Valves - Hall.pdf   353 K [ARTICLE] Modifications to the CR100 - Studley.pdf   864 K [ARTICLE] The 2B6 - A Duplex Triode - Der Mel 1933.pdf   540 K